"A good fire helps the soul"
- Dra Wavel's Chatachphrase
Dra Wavel isn't particularly smart well at least compared to his boss but does get some smart ideas once in a while but usually he comes up useless ideas which makes his fellow soldiers wonder why he's an Officer. Although he isn't top notch in making decisions he makes up for it with fire! Dra Wavel is a pyromaniac some people pass the time by training others spin knives Dra Wavel light matches. you see most parents tell their kids not to play with matches Dra didn't get that message or simply ignored it which is evident that he gave up his assault rifle and Viro Blade for a flamethrowers on each arm and he uses a blow torch as he secondary weapon which is how he got his nickname "flaming freak". Dra Wavel also heavily modified his armour so that he can gild through the air some wonder how he got it well obviously he didn't invent it himself he probably got it as a gift from King Henery. He also loves pulling pranks every once with in a while and often teams up with Hooligan to do it.