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"The 424th Battlion rescued group of scientists. Then, returns to find themselves in a large scale war aginst their closest ally..."
- Justin Glowala's Explanation of the Plot
Epic Awsome Alien Man (EAAM) is the first book written by Justin Glowala. This ends the prequels duo and Beginning of the main trillogy. The plot is that the Kolins and Obcy Wads are two alien species which have been the closest friends and allies for decades. A team of Obcy Wad scientists on the planet Kaneus have gone missing and all attempts of communication with them has failed. The 424th battalion lead by Epic awesome Alien man (EAAM) have been sent to recover the research team. Afterword's EAAM meets with the president of the Kolins and discover that the Obcy Wads have attacked the Kolins and their at war. EAAM heads back to the battalion and prepares for the bloodshed ahead.

Epic Awsome Alien Man (EAAM) The Book

'In the vast universe of space, there are many different species: Human, Kolin, Obcy Wad, Termwood, Antus, Roachos, Manti, etc. But no matter the species, there are some great men and women that arise to face a certain mission; a certain challenge, and those people become heroes; They carry the hope and dreams of their species as they restore peace to all life across the galaxy. One of these people is Epic Awesome Alien Man and this is his story.'
- prologue by Justin Glowala


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Epic Awsome Alien Man