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Peace in Space"
- EAAM's Chatachphrase
Edward Allen Man Aka Epic Awesome Alien Man (EAAM) is the main characters protagonist ad hero of the EAAM Sci-fi series whch mostly focuss on his point of view. EAAM is the moral, kind and Caring leader of the 424th battalion and the fleet he commanded his Battalion as a captain for several decades in criical ears such as the Kolin-Obcy War and the ESSV Conflict. EAAM has been in the military for thw majority of his life and his friends war and the infamous Roacist War which EAAM is a honoured veteran of. Lots of leaders do care about there troops but EAAM takes it a step further helping out any soldier or allies on the battlefield saving them from what was a certain death by helping them defeat much stronger foes. After a battle EAAM personally goes to the medical bay to check up on his troops and has 1 on 1 conversations with them. On top of that he allows his officers and accomplished soldiers the choce to coustemize there armour such a