"Bigger is Better”
- Fal Fatah’s Catchphrase

Fal Fatah is a Female Obcy Wad who is completely obsessed with fatness the bigger she can get her massive belly the better. The reason why she has this crazy goal is because she lives in Ohilus island which was once the home of the Ohilusian Empire and she is the direct descendent of one of the high ranking political families who lived there during the empires rain the Fatah Family. The problem with the Ohilusain Empire and it's culture was it was semi focused on promoting “Ohilusain Wives” were wives of high ranking members of a socially such as a Duke, Politician or anyone wanna who has a vast amount of wealth are encouraged to bulk up and become as fat as possible. However “Ohilusain wives” would usually gain 80 to 120 extra pounds so to not contract any obesity related illnesses however this was after a food crisis were everyone was malnourished so they just gained back they weight they lost. However Fal didn't know about the food crisis or she simply didn't care also she has the worst case of fat fetishism ever which along her culture has fueled her unhealthy desire. Also Fal laughs at the “Ohilusain wives” of the ancient society calling them “skinny twigs” and she swore to become “The true Ohilusain wive” as she makes it her goal in life to not gain pounds of fat but literal tonnes of fat to fulfill her ambition to become the fattest female to ever exist in space.

Trivia: Fal Fatah was only created to serve as a warning against obesity she is not intended for any other use.