"Safe valuable transport"
- G-43 Banker slogan 

The G-43 Banker Nicknamed the "Gold 43" is a version of the U-43 Armoured car that's used by banks to transport money, valuables, foreign currency, valuables metals, jewelry and all high valued items safely from bank to bank . The G-43 Banker is more heavily armoured then the other U-43 Variants due to its role as a bank truck with 10 inches of modified magnesium armour and thick shields making weapons such as the famous KG-28 assault rifle useless against it making it one of the Kolins best armoured non military vehicles ever produced. Along with the thick armour and shields the U-43:Banker also has a crew of 6 a driver, a hooper and 4 guards but depending on which bank owns the U-43 the guards will usually be hierd by the bank, polive volenteera, or even bounty hunters but for some banks such as the bank of Saigon the 4 guards will be 4 kolin soldiers wearing the mark 4 armour and welding KG-28 assault rifle's but no matter who the guards are the G-43 Banker is well defended. The G-43 Banker being a bank truck usally caries from $8,000 up to $80,000 kolin dollars or the equivalent of it this makes the G-43 Banker a very reliable and fast way to transport large amounts of money fast however this lead the G-43 Banker to be a primary target for criminals and gangs but the G-43 bank is ready for any encounter.