The KG-79 Grenade launcher most commonly known as the Kolin Grenade launcher, KG-79 or the Thumper is a single shot, shoulder fired and magazine based Grenade launcher that shoots a 40 millimeter wide ball of plasma that destroys anything in a 16 meter radius. The KG-97 was crated by the kolin company Willcock weapon and is primary used by the kolin military but primarily by the demomen, infantry and marines. The KG-79 is well known for its reliability and leathity with the KG-79 other aliens species have used the weapon as well.

weapon Dynamics


Internal components:

Targeting System:

The KT-88 targeting system is a state of the art tracking and ballistic computer that helps the weapons user with aiming the gun. The KT-88 is shaped like a trapezoidal prism and is placed on top of a weapon, in the front of the KT-88 is a advanced camera that has perfect resolution and produces crystals clear images that are displayed on the screen on the back. The KT-88 is able to track 44 targets at once and monitor thier slightest movemens then determine were to aim and were thier next to likly move all of this information is on the screen along with a aiming redical is also on the screen. The same display can also be shown on a hemets heads up display when linked.


The Ammunation used by the KG-79 was Oringinal Tffinate gas.Tiffinate gas is highly inriched and molecular inhansed hadroden gas that when placed and ignited in a small chamber then fierd thought a barrel the tiffinate gas apon leaving the barrel will becomes plasma. This action is the foundation of the kolins plasma based weapons. For along time the tiffinate gas cartridge or magazine was the primary way of providing the best Ammunation for the KG-79 however it was soon replaced by the core magazine system. Core magazines are miniature power cores that are used to power kolin vehicles and armour, the power core is a miniature cold fusion reactor that can power complex machine such as computers for all eyernity the power core magazine generates electricity that then is sent to a chamber were a plasma converter turns the electricity into plama and then it's fierd from the gun. No matter what system the KG-79 has they both meet the demands to produce the KG-79's iconic balls of plasma.




The KG-79 has high lethality the balls fierd from the KG-79 has a blast radius of 16 meters and any living thing in that radius will be dead and any large obstacles would of been oblivarated. The KT-88 along with the KG-79's ballistic computer make aiming and useing the weapon very user friendly and along with teaching untrained kolins how to be effective with the KG-79.



KG-79) The Oringinal version that came out in 2259 with a maximum clip capasity of 26 which come from a tiffinate gas cartridge.


improved version.


KG-79 was upgraded with eartly version of the KT-88 targeting system and a glass sight was added.


The KG -79 was upgraded with a improved version of the KT-88 improving accuracy and a better ballistic software, the material the KG-79 is made out of which was magnesium was replaced by modified magnesium which as been vastly improved at the macular level. Along with the KG-79 being upgraded the reloading system and the magazine was upgraded with tiffinate gas now being produced in better quality that greatly improves the KG-79's plasma balls and increasing their lethality, along with the great increase of leathery the process in which the tiffinate gas was conversation into plasma was reliant more on electricity then the gas its self meaning more tiffinate gas can be used for crating the balls of plasma instead of powering the whole process. This increased the tiffinate gas cartridges capacity from 26 to 48 shots.All branches of the kolin military only used the orignal version of the KG-79A3 and no specialized versions we're devopled due to the KG-79A3's ruggedness and adaptability.


the KG-79 was completely overhauled with a power core magazine giving the weapon infinite Ammunition, the latest and best version of the KT-88 targeting system was installed giving the KG-79 the ability to link with the helmets of kolin soldiers, glass sight was replaced by a electronic glass sight improving accuracy in off-line mode, customization of the KG-79 was a added allowing the KG-79 to be ambidextrous and the stock can be removed, the front sight can be lowered, the magnesium is of a better quality and the weapon has a safe and stun mode. The KG-79 is used by the regular infantry and is issued to soldiers with basic explosive and special weapons training and every kolin platoons will have 4 soldiers with grenade launchers. The KG-79A4 is the main and definitely version of the KG-79 and a wide variety of sub Variants were developed for the different branches of the kolin military but the original version of the KG-79A4 was only used by the infantry.


The D version of the KG-79A4 is a specified variant designed for use the Demoliishion experts, the materal and look of the KG-79A4D are the same as a normal KG-79A4 however the colours were changed from the normal purple colour to the Demomen yellow colour along with this a better ballistic software was added to help aid the demomen in using the KG-79.







Thumper, Thump Gun, Trumper, Trump, Mr Trump, Donald, Mr Donald, Daddy Trump, Bloop Tube, Blooper, Boomer, Bad Baller, Mr Lobby, Can Cannon, Wombat Gun and Bouncing Bert.