"I'm gonna kill all of you mother fuckers! Ka ka ka"
- Mov Lagin's Catchphrase
Thier are 2 types of Crazy the stupid kind and the dangerous kind and Mov Lagin is the dangerous kind. Movv Lagin is famous and deadly mercenary who obtained a reputation for robery and murder and the skills to show. Most murderous crooks use a gun as thier primarily weapon and keep a knife as a back up weapon but not Mov Lagin who calls guns such as the famous KG-28 assault rifle a peice of high tech shit and insted he Inbrasses knifes. Mov Lagin's not just loves his knifes to the point if nonstop obsession to him knives are a way of life and he'll gladly charge at his foes with his knifes and shank them to death and this statagy surprisingly effective due to Mov being very good at stealth. Unlike his brother Mov Lagin has a a very very unclean criminal record preventing him from joining the Obcy Wad military and his criminal activity eventually got him thrown in to the highest security prison the Obcy Wads ever made the Death top maximum security prison were he remained until the Kolin-Obcy War were his brother convinced the military to release him so that he can pay him to help in combat and now Mov Lagin is free at least to shank again.