"Unlawful behavior is my specialty"
- Who Lagin's Catchphrase
Who Lagin is a very special type of Obcy wad that isn't seen much due to people like him usually being in prison but Who Lagin is different he makes sure his unlawful behavior is hidden from the public eye so he maintains a clean criminal record which aloud him to join the Obcy Wad Military which only made his problems worse. Who Lagan is Crazy he's completely off his marbles and often jumps around sporadically and screaming like a banshee and saying random gibberish that only he could possibly understand and constantly drooling which isn't that bad compared to the fact that he constantly pulls dangerous pranks on his fellow Soldiers which usually ends in the victim which at best leads to a minor case depression and anxiety or at worst a life crippling injury which is how he got his nickname "Hooligan" and somtimes his partner helps him with the more dangerous pranks but he's usually does it solo. He's also completely obsessed with the 1960's version of the Volkswagen Van for some weird reason. All of these crazy acts would of got him thrown out of the military if it wasn't for Ize Narden who keeps Who Lagin under his command only because Who Lagin pisses of Boul Conna, Who knew a Crazy Sergeant would be useful to a Egotistical pilot?


Like previously mentioned Who Lagin is pure crazy which is evident to by his gibberish, drooling, and Dangerous pranks but this is the tip of the iceberg of this mental nutcase. Who Lagin's Obsession with 1960's Volkswagen vans is ridicules that he tattooed the vehicle on his Back, Shoulders and Chest along with the Volkswagen logo on his forehead and his house is also shaped like a Volkswagen Van and everything from pictures to the walls are Platerd with image of his favorite vehicle and obviously he drives one Who Lagin's obsession so bad it makes the show my weird Addiction look normal.



  • Who Lagin's design and personality was heavily based off Hooligan from Transformers the last knight